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if you like bitsy, you may also like these other websites, engines, tools, and resources! <3 (hint: click the arrow next to each entry to read a short description!)

~ websites ~

tiny tools directory - everest pipkin an explorable, categorized list of small, free, or experimental software tools

~ game engines ~

bipsi - candle a bitsy-like game engine with a special focus on scriptability

môsi - sg a bitsy-like game engine with a UI designed for mobile, an intuitive music composition tool, and a world map

~ creative software ~

electric zine maker - nathalie lawhead a freeware printshop for making zines - a tool with a ton of personality!

decker - john earnest a multimedia platform for making interactive documents with hyptertext, images, and its own scriping language

ravel - everest pipkin a tool for making nested poetry (and other texts) using HTML

zonelets - marina kittaka a simple, free blogging engine for blogging in HTML

~ bitsy resources & tools ~

bitsy-hacks - sean s le blanc & contributors a collection of re-usable scripts for extending bitsy with new features (written by various members of the bitsy community and maintained by sean)

borksy - ayolland & sean s le blanc a GUI tool for extending your bitsy games with hacks from the bitsy-hacks repository (see above)

candle's bitsy corner - candle a collection of bitsy-related projects, tools, and resources (both by candle and others)

pixsy - max bradbury a tool for converting image files into bitsy rooms & tiles that can be used in bitsy games